Severe Weather Outlook

Bowling Green is currently under a TORNADO WATCH until 4pm today. This means the conditions in the atmosphere are favorable for the development of a severe thunderstorm. Within these severe thunderstorms (supercell), there is the capability of tornados being produced. In addition to the tornado watch, Warren county is also under a wind advisory. As I am sure many of you know, it is quite windy outside. This advisory is in effect until 7pm tonight. Wind gusts of up to 50 mph are possible with sustained winds between 15-25 mph.

NWS-SPC Outlook (Bowling Green under an ENHANCED)

To get a better look at where Bowling Green lies within this watch, check out the graphic below.

To get an idea of the seriousness of these watches, warnings, and outlooks, NWS Paducah narrowly escaped a confirmed tornado this morning (As seen below). Stay updated on the weather today via Twitter, news outlets, or NOAA Weather radios. In the instance a tornado warning is in effect (meaning a tornado is imminent or occurring), seek shelter immediately. Find shelter in the in-most area of the house, away from all windows and doors and wait until NOAA gives the “All-clear”.

As for today, be weather aware. This means be cognizant of the dangers for today: strong winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms, the possibility of hail, and the chance of some isolated tornadoes. This also includes knowing what to do in times of warning alerts, as I talked about above. Expect to encounter the brunt of this system sometime early to mid afternoon (1-3pm timeframe).

What can you expect for the remainder of the week and into this weekend? Lots of sun and cooler temperatures. A cold front will be moving through tonight bringing high’s in the upper 40s and low 50s this weekend. Luckily, lots of sun will accompany these colder temperatures, making it feel a bit more pleasant.


Today: Very breezy with gusts up to 50mph. Severe thunderstorms possible early to mid afternoon, so stay weather aware.
High: 74
Low: 41
Tonight: Clouds will decreasing leaving mostly clear skies overnight.

Friday: Mostly cloudy and cooler
High: 49
Low: 30
Friday Night: Partly cloudy and chilly

This weekend: Mostly sunny both days with highs in the upper 40’s Saturday and mid 50’s Sunday.

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