Spring Feel For The Next Couple Days

Chilly start this morning following the cold front that moved through Monday. Luckily, we were filled with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. As for the next couple of days, you can expect a similar story. Wednesday and Thursday will be sunny and warmer, as temperatures will increase as we move later into this week. As you can see below, there were virtually no clouds in the entire state of Kentucky, so sunny skies dominated our region today.

Thursday afternoon clouds will build ahead of a slight precipitation chance (30% chance) overnight. Expectations are low for much rain Thursday and Friday, but Friday night and Saturday the Low pressure system will find its way to our north bringing with it the most rain potential. Seen below is the GFS 12z run showing the rain associated with the low making its way into souther-central KY. The total amounts are still in question, as we are still a number of days out, but I expect upwards of half an inch or more possible by Sunday morning. On the trailing side of this system, we could see a few snow flake. Yes, snow flakes. As the cold front moves through, we could see the transition of rain to some frozen precipitation. Accumulation is out of the question, but seeing some snow flakes in late March/early April could be enjoyable for some. I will let you know later in the week what you can expect heading into this weekend, until then enjoy this Spring weather until our next weather maker arrives.


Tonight: Clear and chilly
Low: 30

Wednesday: Mostly sunny
High: 62
Wednesday Night:

Thursday: Mostly sunny with clouds increasing later in the afternoon
High: 71
Low: 49
Thursday Night: Scattered showers possible (30% chance)

Friday: Slight chance of showers throughout the day but staying mostly cloudy (20% chance)
High: 69

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