Rick Stansbury Rumors

WKUs season ending in the conference championship game for the second straight year has caused some “Rumors” to start.

Rick Stansbury. Photo via: Yahoo! Sports

In Rick Stansburys 3 seasons at WKU he has a combined record of (62-42). In Stansburys 3 seasons on the Hill he has compiled 7 wins over power five schools. Landed one of the best recruiting classes in WKU history. Landed commitments from 2 Top 10 players in their class. Attendance has been better every season (He took over the season after its lowest ever). And has reached the conference championship game in the past two seasons.

Even with these accomplishments coming in a short amount of time still, there are rumors floating around the program. Logging onto message boards, Facebook, and Twitter the past few days I’ve seen several posts saying that administration are not happy with Coach Stansbury and naming players that are going to transfer out with no real evidence.

What we should be doing is hoping we can keep him around because with several SEC coaching jobs opening up it is very possible that Stansburys name gets throw in the mix. (I’ve talked about this in a previous post)

The future of WKU basketball is bright with Rick Stansbury in the drivers seat.

2 thoughts on “Rick Stansbury Rumors”

  1. I want Coach Stansbury to stay to but the off court Distractions that went on this season has to stop.It destroy the team chemistry when players can’t play because of non-related Basketball issues. I think that we have some good players on our team who can take WKU to the next level but they must be 100% committed to the program in this order-God First-Academics-Basketball-Family. This starts with the Head Coach,Coaching Staff,and eventually the players.You want to Win Championships then you must be totally committed no excuses.


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