3 Takeaways | Spring Game Recap (Trick Plays Are Back)

#1 QB Race Still Up In The Air

White Team 28 (Storey & Shanley)

Red Team 21 (Duncan & Thomas)

Of the 3 Quarterbacks in competition for the starting spot next fall Davis Shanley had the best showing of the group. Steven Duncan led the first drive which included 3 fumbles (Bad snaps) and had several penalties. Ty Storey couldn’t get into a groove either.

The QB race is wide open going into Camp.

#2 O-Line Struggles

Part of the Quarterback struggles this afternoon where due to the offensive line having trouble sustaining a block in the passing game.

The O-Line did do OK in the running game if you take away the 3 consecutive runs from the 1 yard line they were unable to punch in.

#3 Trick Plays Are Back

A staple of Tyson Helton’s 2015 offense on the Hill, trick plays are back. WKU ran trick plays such as, Double Pass, Reverses, and a Flea flicker.

Expect a lot of points this season.

Final Thoughts

Don’t put too much thought into the spring game, at the end of the day its for the fans.

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