It’s Gameday Y’all! (Kinda)

Today WKU Football hosts its annual Red and White spring game which will take place at 2 PM at LT-Smith Stadium.

Who To Watch:

WR Manny Allen (#1)

Manny normally wears #5 but if Thursdays practice is any indication of today he will be wearing #1


  • Quick
  • Good at creating separation
  • Demands the ball


  • Motor
  • Drops passes occasionally
  • Playbook (New system and hes a freshmen this will happen)

QB Ty Storey (#4)


  • Leader
  • Can extend the play with running ability if needed
  • Accurate


  • Strength
  • Stares down receivers

WR Quin Jernighan (#16)


  • Strong Hands
  • Size (6’3)


  • Lacks deep threat ability

DE DeAngelo Malone (#10)


  • Size (6’4, 230 pounds)
  • Strength
  • Pass rushing


  • Ability to shed blocks against the run

Let’s all have a good time today in the spirit of WKU Football.

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