We Will Know Something About Charles Bassey’s Decision This Week | NBA Draft Timeline

New Rules In 2019

Certified agents are now allowed.

The NCAA voted to change the rules to allow players to be represented by NCAA-certified agents after the season as long as they request an evaluation from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee (UAC). Agents will be allowed to pay for meals, transportation, and lodging for players and their families during the agent selection process and meetings with teams; however, players must “end” that relationship if they decide to return to school.

Written feedback received by players

Players who request an evaluation from the UAC will receive written feedback throughout the process, including where NBA executives believe they will be drafted, if at all. Here are the five categories they will receive:

  • Drafted in the Lottery (i.e., pick Nos. 1-14)
  • Drafted in the First Round but outside the Lottery (i.e., pick Nos. 15-30)
  • Drafted in the first half of the Second Round; (i.e., pick Nos. 31-45)
  • Drafted in the second half of the Second Round (i.e., pick Nos. 46-60) or
  • Not drafted

The feedback will start rolling in to players and their coaches around April 1 and continue through the early-entry deadline of April 21. Players who decide to stay in the draft through the Combine will continue to receive feedback through May 29, the NCAA’s deadline to withdraw from the draft.

G-League Elite Camp

A new extension in the evaluation processis the G-League Elite Camp, a three-day scouting event in Chicago for the top 40 prospects NOT invited to the Combine. The top performers from the G-League Elite Camp will also be invited to the Combine.

A Rule That Has Not Changed Yet. (Hopefully soon)

Undrafted players returning to school

The NCAA proposed allowing undrafted underclassmen to return to school as long as they requested an evaluation from the UAC and participated in the Combine. The rule change is a great idea, but for now, it’s still not approved.

Key Dates and Deadlines 2019

End of Season: NBA UAC evaluation requests due

  • Once a player’s season is over, they can request an evaluation from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee. Once the evaluation is requested, they can sign an agreement with an NCAA-certified agent.

April 11, 11:59 p.m.: Deadline to request an evaluation from the NBA UAC

April 17-20: Portsmouth Invitational Tournament

*April 21, 11:59 p.m.:Early Entry Eligibility Deadline*

April 22 – May 29: Early-entry players may participate in NBA workouts

April 26 – May 3: NBA Draft Combine and G-League Elite Camp invitations sent

  • The top 60 draft prospects (voted on by NBA teams) will be invited to the Combine. The next 40 prospects will be invited to the G-League Elite Camp.

May 12-14: G-League Elite Camp, Chicago

  • The top performers from this camp will receive invites to the Combine. Also, 40 of the best current G-League players will also work out and scrimmage battling to find a place on an NBA roster.

May 14: NBA Draft Lottery, Chicago

  • On May 14th the official draft order will be set, players will then have a better idea of where they may end up.

May 14-19: NBA Draft Combine

  • This date will be huge for Bassey how he performs here will set him up for individual workouts with teams.

*May 29th, 11:59 p.m.: NCAA Withdrawal Deadline.*

  • 10 Days after the NBA combine, underclassmen who want to keep their eligibility must withdrawal their name from the NBA draft.
  • A big day for WKU fans because on this day we will know for sure whether or not Bassey will return for his sophomore season on the Hill.

June 20: NBA Draft, New York City

  • A big day for Mr. Charles Bassey and WKU Basketball. (If he decides to keep his name in).

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