Rain Rain Go Away…

Unfortunately, the rain will be sticking around for longer than most would like. Due to a slow moving low pressure system bring lots of tropical moisture, rain will stick around until at least the early portion of next week. Currently, Bowling Green is under a FLASH FLOOD WATCH until Sunday at 11pm. Due to already saturated soil and expectations of heavy rains, flash floods, and flooding altogether, are a concern. Shown below is the latest excessive rain outlooks issued by the WPC at NOAA. These highlight Bowling Green under a slight risk both today (Day 1) and Saturday (Day 2). This means there is potential for flash flooding to take place, so use caution. It is always better to “turn around than to drown”. I know variations of that quote get old, but it is very important. Just inches of water can carry a car away, and that’s IF the road under that water hasn’t been washed out already.

Over the next few days we will continue to see showers roll through the area. Some of these showers and storms will have heavy winds, heavy rain, and lightning associated, so stay weather aware. Below is a model run depicting the rain over the area the next few days. By early next week (Monday Afternoon), showers will begin moving out allowing a weak high pressure system to dry things out Tuesday a bit before the chance of some isolated showers return Wednesday.


Tonight: Heavy periods of rain with embedded lightning possible. (70% chance)
Low: 67

Saturday (6/08): Heavy rain and storms on and off throughout the day. (90% chance)
High: 81
Low: 68
Saturday Night: Heavy rains and storms continue overnight (60% chance)

Sunday (6/09): Rain and storms (heavier at times) for the first half of the day, becoming more scattered by the afternoon. (90% chance)
High: 83
Low: 69
Sunday Night: Scattered showers and thunderstorms possible (40% chance)

Monday (6/10): Scattered showers and thunderstorms possible (50% chance)
High: 81
Low: 59
Monday Night: Mostly cloudy with isolated showers possible (20% chance)

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