What Is WKUConnection.com?

Since the launch of WKUConnection.com in March of this year we have tried created a platform for WKU fans to connect with each other and share their thoughts. Since the launch of the website over 30,000 of you have viewed our content and also, voiced your own opinions and we value your feedback.

About Us/Your Opinions

WKUConnection.com is a website that will be updated DAILY and encourages readers to give their feedback and thoughts on all things WKU Athletics. Our Website is a platform for the average fan to voice their opinions on WKU Sports. Our goal is to report the thoughts of the fans and start conversations on topics concerning fans.

Live Streams

Throughout the upcoming Football and Basketball season we will be doing live streams on our Twitter profile (@WKUconnect). Football live streams will begin 3 hours before Kickoff and last 30 minutes. Basketball streams will begin 2 and a half hours before tip off and also last 30 minutes as we break down the upcoming game. Post game shows will begin 1 hour after all games Football and Basketball. Again your feedback and thoughts are encouraged throughout.


We are currently in the works of a weekly podcast in which we will cover recent happenings in WKU Athletics.

Again we thank you for your support, and we look forward to being your source for everything WKU Athletics.

We look forward to seeing you at the Houch and inside Diddle Arena this upcoming season. Thank You.

Feel free to contact us through our Twitter or Email: WKUconnection@gmail.com

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