4 Star Point Guard Jordan Rawls Now On Campus | WKU Connection

It is now confirmed that WKU Freshmen Point Guard Jordan Rawls is officially apart of the 2019-2020 roster. WKU Basketball confirmed this in a tweet soon after Rawls posted this story to his Instagram account.

Rawls rounds out the WKU back court that now consists of, Hollingsworth, Justice, Cooper (still not cleared by NCAA due to transfer rules), Gambrell, and Rawls. Rawls fills the hole left by graduating point guard Lamonte Bearden at one guard.

Another option at the point guard position is Lipscomb transfer Kenny Cooper if he is deemed eligible by the NCAA. If the eligibility process for Cooper drags out into the season (similar to Josh Anderson and Mou in 2017) look for Rawls role on the Hill to increase. Maybe throw in the possibility of Camron Justice running some point too.

Now that we know the full roster here’s what it looks like by position-

Back court

  • Taveion Hollingsworth
  • Jeremiah Gambrell
  • Camron Justice
  • Kenny Cooper
  • Jordon Rawls
  • Patrick Murphy


  • Josh Anderson
  • Jared Savage
  • Marek Nelson
  • Carson Williams
  • Jackson Harlan

Front court

  • Charles Bassey
  • Tolu Smith
  • Isaiah Cozart
  • Nick Ongenda

I like my team, I really like my team.

See you at Diddle!

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