Week 7 vs Charlotte

image via @CharlotteFTBL on twitter

Charlotte will have a new head coach in 2019 Will Healy. They begin the year playing 4 non conference games, 2 on the road and 2 at home. Then they hop into conference play against both of the Florida schools 1 on the road and the other at home.

The Offense

Last season the 49ers offense averaged 21 points per game. They rushed for 162 yards per game and passed for 180 yards per game. Charlotte had a good mixture of rushing and passing yards a season ago leading to 342 yards of offense per game last year.When they got in the red zone they were able to put points on the scoreboard 80% of the time. 57% of those trips to the red zone ended in touchdowns.

Top returning offensive players

Chris Reynolds had the most passing yards of any returning quarterback with 1173 yards. Benny LeMay will be back after a 1000 yard season while the team a year ago with 1279 yards on the ground.

The Defense

On Defense the other side of the ball defense Charlotte gave up an average of 26 points per game. They only allowed teams to rush for 105 yards per game and throw for 231 yards per game. Teams would average 336 in total offense per game against this defenses. When teams would make trips to the red zone they score points 80% of the time. 58% of those trips would result in touchdowns.

Top returner on defense player

Ben DeLuca led this defense last year in tackles with 92 (57 solo and 35 assisted).

Last year’s game   

Last season this game what many people believed ended, the Mike Sanford era at WKU. Charlotte won the game 40-14. Charlotte rushed for 211 yards while WKU only rushed for 42 yards. Charlotte threw for more yards as well 237 to WKU 214 yards passing.

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