OK Honestly, What Is Up With WKU Basketball? | WKU Connection

image via: WKU Athletics

OK, I’ll say it, What is going on?

With the recent news of 6 Hilltopper Basketball players deciding to enter the NCAA’s transfer portal, many questions linger around the program.

Usually teams have an almost certain idea of what their roster will look like around the end of June-early July time period. Thus, making the departures of Marek Nelson and Tolu Smith that much more puzzling.

Currently 4 of the 6 players who announced their decision to enter the transfer portal are not on a college basketball roster for 2019-2020: (As of August 2nd)

  • Jake Ohmer
  • Moustapha Diagne
  • Marek Nelson
  • Tolu Smith

I’m not saying that I don’t like the transfer portal, because without it, we wouldn’t have Kenny Cooper or Camron Justice both who are set to be crucial elements of WKU Basketball this season. But, 6 players leaving is alarming for a program and fan base that expects to hear their name called on selection Sunday in March.

Fans of the program have begun to question whether or not WKU Head Coach Rick Stansbury has this team under control (Rightfully so). Since Stansbury took over the program in 2016 not one Hilltopper remains on the roster from the original recruiting class Stansbury brought with him to Bowling Green.

It may be that this is the new age of College Athletics. Players entering the transfer portal and switching schools at will. But I will say this, more clarity is needed as to the recent news regarding WKU’s departures this week.

Are you a fan of the excessive amount of movement throughout College Athletics?

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