Expectations for WKU in 2019- 2020

Photo via WKU Athletics

What are your expectations for WKU in football and basketball in 2019-2020 season. Is it a football bowl game to much to ask for in year 1 under Tyson Helton? After a disappointing season going 3-9, it it to much to expect a bowl game? Reaching a bowl game in year 1 would be huge for this coaching staff to get the extra practices and game reps for this football team. It would give the program good momentum going into 2020 season.

Is making the NCAA Tournament in basketball asking to much with knowing all of the players who have left this late in the year? After the roller coaster of an off-season with all the departures and additions is it to expect this team to make a trip to the NCAA Tournament. When Rick Stansbury was at Mississippi State he made his first tournament in year 4 so could be a magical year for him at WKU. They have been knocking on the door to the big dance the last 2 seasons can 2020 be the time they are invited to the dance?

With knowing both of their schedules now, Hi if you had to pick which team will have more losses in 2019-2020? Also, which team will have more conference losses in the 2019-2020 season?

What are your thoughts?

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