College Football Rule Changes

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As we are a less than week away from when WKU plays its first game this season, there will be a few new rules implemented into the rule book. Since 2019 is not a rulings changing year the ncaa rules committee can only make changes to player safety.

Targeting rule

Starting in 2019 the targeting rule new guidelines, say a player has committed 3 or more targeting penalties in the season he will have to sit out the next game as well. It doesn’t matter what point in the game the 3rd targeting penalty is called. Another new thing in the rule is when it goes to review the call will have 1 of 2 answers from the official either the call on the field is confirmed or is overturned. If the replay official can not confirm all elements of targeting the play will be overturned.

Wedge Blocking Rule

The 2 man wedge block is only a penalty the team does not have a touchback, free kick out of bounds or a fair catch. This is a live ball foul meaning where it happens is the spot in which the 15 yards is marked off. Also just the formation is now a foul players do not have to make contact to be a foul.

Blind side block

The blind side blocks is stated as such “ A blind side block is defined as an open field block against an opponent that is initiated from outside the opponent’s field of vision, or otherwise in such a manner that the opponent cannot oppontreasonably defend himself against the block.” Also if a player leads with any targeting indicators then the call will be a personal foul blind side block with targeting. This meaning the big time hits that you see on highlight tapes will no longer be apart of college football.

Overtime rules

The overtime rules are going to be a little bit different in 2019 season as after the 5th overtime both teams will have the ball on the 2 yard line and after a team scores and get a stop the game will be over. Also after the 2 and 4 period of overtime there will be a mandatory 2 minute stoppage for players to rest and catch there breath.

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