KNOW YOUR OPPONENT: Florida International University (FIU) | WKU Connection

FIU Athletics

WKU Football will take on FIU this Saturday at 7 PM on ESPN+. Here’s what you need to know about Florida International University:

The Essentials

-FIU is public research institution in Miami, Florida. Florida International is the largest university in southern Florida with an undergrad enrollment of 48,186 (2017) with nearly 90% of those students living off campus.

-FIU’s mascot is Roary the Panther whom can be found at any University sponsored event at FIU. That’s about it, here’s a cool video (I guess):

– Riccardo Silva Stadium “The Cage” holds 23,500 and in 2017 FIU averaged 14,286 total attendance per game. Ranking them #119, which proves that an FIU athletic event is about the 28th best thing to do in Miami on any given night.

Famous Alumni

  • T.Y. Helton– Current WR for the Indianapolis Colts who has totaled 507 catches for 8,097 yards and 40 touchdowns.
  • Andy Garcia– Whom you probably know from the Godfather pt. III, The untouchables, and Modigliani.
  • Mike Lowell– 2 time world series champion. (Miami Marlins 2003, Boston Red Sox (2007)

As for the Football side of things, we’ll have more on the match-up with the Golden Eagles before and after the game Saturday.


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