Updated FPI Predictions for WKU | WKU Connection

Image via BG Daily News| Austin Anthony

After the second week of college football ESPN FPI has changed their numbers on who they believe will win each game. WKU is now favored in 5 of the remaining 10 games (UAB, ODU, Charlotte, FAU and MTSU). This jump is from the win last week so if WKU can win again this week you might see another game or 2 show WKU as a favorite. This is the only metric that we have to see where the computer believe the winner will be.

  • Week 3 vs Louisville is 22.5%
  • Week 4 vs UAB is 72.1%
  • Week 5 at ODU is 75.5%
  • Week 6 vs Army is 36.8%
  • Week 7 vs Charlotte is 73.0%
  • Week 8 at Marshall is 20.3%
  • Week 9 vs FAU is 55.4%
  • Week 10 at Arkansas is 26.1%
  • Week 11 Southern Miss is 30.1%
  • Week 12 vs MTSU is 51.9%

If this was the way it was to play out how would you view the season?

One thought on “Updated FPI Predictions for WKU | WKU Connection”

  1. 6-6 after that dumpster fire last year would be almost miraculous, IMHO. It’s really hard to recover mentally from that kind of season, where we should have won so many more games. The fans get into a mindset where they expect us to blow it. Of course, it gets into the players heads too and that affects reality on the field.


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