USA Today 1-130 rankings | WKU Connection

Image via @RedditCFB on twitter

After week 3 USA Today has a new ranking of all 130 college football teams. In week 1 USA Today had WKU at 114, week 2 they had WKU ranked 130, week 3 they had WKU 116. Now in week 4 is in the books WKU is now ranked 117 which is a 1 spot down from last week. With WKU on a bye week you wouldn’t expect them to fall or rise in the rankings unless teams ahead of them get beat this weekend. With week 3 loss WKU ranks 11th in Conference USA ahead of FIU, Rice and UTEP. The full rankings are linked below.

The remaining teams on the schedule are ranked as followed:

UAB – 68th

Old Dominion – 100th

Army – 24th

Charlotte – 113th

Marshall – 54th

FAU – 85th

Arkansas – 101st

Southern Miss – 69th

Middle Tennessee – 103rd

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