WKU climbs in USA Today Poll | WKU Connection

Image via http://www.letmebfrankblog.com

After week 5 USA Today has a new ranking of all 130 college football teams. WKU is ranked 103 which is the up 14 spots after the wins vs UAB. In week 1 USA Today had WKU at 114, week 2 they had WKU ranked 130, week 3 they had WKU 116, and in week 4 WKU was ranked 117, in week 5 WKU was ranked 117. With WKU playing ODU at ODU this week, WKU could continue to rise with another win. WKU ranks 8th in Conference USA ahead of Rice, Middle Tennessee, Charlotte, FIU, UTSA and UTEP.

The full rankings are linked below:

Old Dominion – 100th

Army – 35th

Charlotte – 114th

Marshall -72nd

FAU – 80th

Arkansas – 108th

Southern Miss – 73rd

Middle Tennessee – 113th


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