Charles Bassey Listed As A Top 10 Pick In 2020 NBA Mock Draft | WKU Connection

Image via: Zach Greenwell

In a post free agency mock draft by NBC Sports lists Western Kentucky Center Charles Bassey as the #8 overall prospect in the 2020 draft class. You can view the entire mock draft here.

What the scouts are saying

Here’s what we know Bassey needs to improve on entering his sophomore season:

  • Health: Bassey is 100% heading into his sophomore campaign. Wearing a knee brace on an off throughout last season limited his mobility on the floor.
  • Mid range consistency: This season Bassey will need to prove he can consistently knock down the 15 footer, being able to stretch the floor is key in the NBA right now with the space and pace era in full swing.
  • Foul prone: We know Charles can be quite foul prone on the defensive end. This will be key for the Hilltoppers this season with their front court depth being very short in 2019-2020.
  • Expand low post moves: Bassey’s go to move on the block is a baby hook over his left shoulder, he will have to expand on this throughout his sophomore season.

Charles attended the NBA draft combine last May in Chicago, he has received feedback from NBA scouts. He is aware of what he needs to work on and will likely show improvements in every area this upcoming season.

(Please pass him the ball when he is posted on the block)

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