Rain Rain Go Away…

Unfortunately, the rain will be sticking around for longer than most would like. Due to a slow moving low pressure system bring lots of tropical moisture, rain will stick around until at least the early portion of next week. Currently, Bowling Green is under a FLASH FLOOD WATCH until Sunday at 11pm. Due to already saturated soil and expectations of heavy rains, flash floods, and flooding altogether, are a concern. Shown below is the latest excessive rain outlooks issued by the WPC at NOAA. These highlight Bowling Green under a slight risk both today (Day 1) and Saturday (Day 2). This means there is potential for flash flooding to take place, so use caution. It is always better to “turn around than to drown”. I know variations of that quote get old, but it is very important. Just inches of water can carry a car away, and that’s IF the road under that water hasn’t been washed out already.

Over the next few days we will continue to see showers roll through the area. Some of these showers and storms will have heavy winds, heavy rain, and lightning associated, so stay weather aware. Below is a model run depicting the rain over the area the next few days. By early next week (Monday Afternoon), showers will begin moving out allowing a weak high pressure system to dry things out Tuesday a bit before the chance of some isolated showers return Wednesday.


Tonight: Heavy periods of rain with embedded lightning possible. (70% chance)
Low: 67

Saturday (6/08): Heavy rain and storms on and off throughout the day. (90% chance)
High: 81
Low: 68
Saturday Night: Heavy rains and storms continue overnight (60% chance)

Sunday (6/09): Rain and storms (heavier at times) for the first half of the day, becoming more scattered by the afternoon. (90% chance)
High: 83
Low: 69
Sunday Night: Scattered showers and thunderstorms possible (40% chance)

Monday (6/10): Scattered showers and thunderstorms possible (50% chance)
High: 81
Low: 59
Monday Night: Mostly cloudy with isolated showers possible (20% chance)

Warm Start To The Week

Posted on April 29, 2019 by Brandon Bonds

Lots of warm air has begun funneling in today as a warm boundary has moved through. This will lead to warm air advection moving into south-central Kentucky, giving us high’s in the mid to upper 80’s over then next couple of days. This is the reason it has felt a bit breezy today. Winds expected to be between 10-15 with gusts up to 30 mph are possible. Luckily, much of the precipitation will be held off until later in the week, leaving us with a mix of clouds and a few patches of sun. As seen from GOES-16 visible satellite (below) clouds are beginning to move into our area from the west. A chance of light, short-lived showers, are possible this afternoon, but the chance is low given the relatively dry air sitting over our area. 

Moving into tomorrow you can expect much of the same as today. Partly cloudy skies and above average temperatures. Stay cool if you plan to be outside for long periods of time, as we are getting a taste of some summer time heat in late April. Check out the 24-hour temperatures change for the US. Much warmer temperatures have moved into the region thanks to that front. 


Today (4/29): Partly cloudy and breezy 
High: 84
Low: 60
Tonight: Partly cloudy

Tuesday (4/30): Partly cloudy and warmer
High: 87
Low: 65
Tuesday Night: Mostly cloudy overnight

Wednesday (5/01): Partly cloudy to cloudy
High: 86
Low: 63
Tuesday Night: Mostly cloudy overnight with a chance of showers late (30% chance)

Sunny Start to the Week

Happy Monday! We started a little chilly this morning but we will warm to reach a high around 80 degrees today. Sunny skies will accompany the warm temperatures, as well. This all can be thanked to the high pressure system we currently have sitting over the southeast. Sadly, this will not last long as clouds and the chance for a few showers are in the forecast by midweek. 

Seen below is the latest NAM run at 12z, it shows the modeled precipitation data for the next few days. As you can see, a low (currently in the midwest) will move north and east bringing with it the chance for those showers. Tuesday (tomorrow) we will see clouds begin to increase through the morning hours and into the afternoon ahead of this system. By Tuesday night we see the chance of a few scattered showers, but otherwise staying mostly cloudy. By Thursday we see the highest chance of rain before another high pressure system settles in Friday giving us a pleasant start to the weekend. 


Today (4/22): Mostly sunny 
High: 80
Low: 54
Tonight: Mostly clear overnight

Tuesday (4/23): Mostly sunny start with clouds increasing throughout the day leaving cloudy skies by the afternoon.
High: 80
Low: 56
Tuesday Night: Mostly cloudy with light scattered showers possible overnight. (chance: 30%)

Wednesday (4/24): Mostly cloudy with scattered showers possible (chance: 30%)
High: 73
Low: 56
Wednesday Night: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers possible overnight. (chance: 30%)

Spring Is In The Driver’s Seat

Many of you woke up this morning to chilly temperatures on your way out of the door. This can be thanked, in large part, to the cold front that moved through late yesterday. As seen below, much cooler temperatures have swept through much of the southeast the past 24-hours. As for today, expect a pleasant day with temperatures on the cooler side of things. By this evening we will have a high pressure system move right over the Tennessee/Kentucky region bringing with it much warmer temperatures Tuesday and the rest of the week. This high will also allow us to stay dry and see plenty of sunshine for the next few days.

24-Hour Temperature Change (NOAA)

This high pressure system will make its way from our southwest into the Ohio valley region (by tonight) before being forced out by another low toward the end of the week. We can enjoy a few days of great Spring weather before the next system moves in Thursday. This next system has potential of causing some severe weather, so make sure to check back in to see what you can expect. 

GFS 6z


Today (4/15): Mostly sunny and a bit cooler 
High: 62
Low: 45
Tonight: Mostly clear overnight

Tuesday (4/16): Mostly sunny and warmer 
High: 76
Low: 54
Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy

Wednesday (4/17): Mostly sunny
High: 77
Low: 60
Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy with clouds increasing overnight

Wet Start To The Week

Many of you woke up this morning to moderate rain. Luckily, most of that has moved through and to our east. As of now, we are mostly cloudy with temperatures currently in the low to mid 60’s. Moving forward into the rest of your Monday, we will stay mostly cloudy with a chance of some scattered showers this afternoon. 

HRRR 14z Precipitation Type

Most of the models are in sync that we will stay mostly dry the rest of the day and into Tuesday. There is a slight chance of some scattered light showers this afternoon, but nothing long lasting or impactful. Moving into Tuesday and mid-week we can expect the sun to return. 

NAM 12z Cloud Cover

Clouds will begin moving out this evening/overnight and into Tuesday before much clearer skies take over. Tuesday and Wednesday will feel very seasonal with sunny skies and high’s in the mid 70’s. A week cold front will move through Tuesday leaving us with a low in the mid 40’s Tuesday night. Enjoy the mid-week Spring feel before rain showers return toward the end of the work week. 


Today (4/08): Mostly cloudy with a chance of lingering (light) showers this afternoon (30% chance)
High: 69
Low: 54
Tonight: Mostly cloudy with clouds decreasing overnight

Tuesday (4/09): Clouds continue decreasing into Tuesday, leaving mostly sunny skies for the day
High: 75
Low: 46
Tuesday Night: Mostly clear

Wednesday (4/10): Mostly sunny
High: 74
Low: 58
Tuesday Night: Clouds increasing leaving partly cloudy skies

Flirting With The 80’s By This Weekend

A low pressure system is tracking to the southern portion of US bringing rain into the south-central KY region. Clouds are also beginning to increase as we move into the afternoon (as seen below). Expect showers to begin late this afternoon and into this evening. The bulk of the rain will be to our south, but we could see anywhere up to a quarter of an inch or more in spots by tomorrow morning.

GOES-16 Visible Satellite

Moving into Friday, we will see scattered showers throughout the early portion of the day before we begin clearing by the afternoon. Saturday will be the best day to run errands or be outside as it will be mostly sunny with high’s in the upper 70’s. Showers will find their way back in on Sunday giving us scattered showers throughout the day and into early next week.


Today: Mostly cloudy with rain chances increasing as we move into the evening (30% chance)
High: 70
Low: 56
Tonight: Rain arrives and will continue throughout the night (80% chance)

Friday: Showers end early leaving cloudy skies the rest of the day
High: 71
Low: 52
Friday Night: Clouds decrease overnight

Saturday: Partly cloudy
High: 77
Low: 60
Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy with a chance of some scattered showers (40% chance)

Sunday: Scattered showers (some could be heavier at times)
High: 79
Low: 60

Cool Start To The Work Week

A cold front has moved through this past weekend bringing back much cooler temperatures. Fortunately, we will see temperatures back in the 70’s by mid week. We will also see lots of sunshine for the start of the work week, thanks to a high pressure system currently sitting on the northern KY/ Ohio state line. Plan for this high pressure system to move out relatively quick before another moves in from the south (currently located in Texas). 

As for today, expect another chilly day filled with sunny skies. Tuesday we will warm a bit getting back into the lower 60’s. We will stay clear until mid week when the next low pressure system, bringing rain, makes its way back into our region. The only issues there could be moving into tomorrow is the formation of frost. As dew point readings are expected to be in the mid 30’s tonight and the low likely to be in the lower to mid 30’s, frost is possible. Remember to protect any plants/flowers that may be important to you. I will update you on what you can expect ahead of the next rain maker Thursday evening into Friday.


Today (4/01): Mostly sunny and chilly
High: 54
Low: 34
Tonight: Mostly clear with frost formation possible overnight

Tuesday (4/02): Mostly sunny and warmer
High: 62
Low: 39
Tuesday Night: Mostly clear

Wednesday (4/03): Mostly sunny with some clouds moving in late afternoon
High: 71
Low: 47
Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy