Former WKU Basketball Forward Matt Horton Returning To The Hill | WKU Connection


Tuesday afternoon former WKU forward Matt Horton announced he will be returning to WKU:

On April 10th Horton annouced his departure from WKU Basketball via his twitter, but looks like he will be returning to Western Kentucky for the 2019-2020 season. Last season Horton averaged 1.1 ppg, and shot 42% from the free throw line in limited minutes in 2018.

Horton recently committed to Divison 2, Pittsburg State in Kansas back on April 29th.

Horton’s announcement comes just 11 days after WKU learned of Tolu Smith’s departure from Bowling Green. With Horton’s return to Western Kentucky he adds depth to our front court and experience playing in the Rick Stansbury system during the 2018-2019 season.

What are your thoughts on the return of Matt Horton?

See you in Diddle!

WKU MBB: Matthew Horton Set To Transfer

Matthew Horton

On Wednesday via Horton’s Twitter he announced his decision to transfer.

“I’d like to thank my teammates ,the WKU fans and coaches for bring me in and loving me like a real family ,but my time here came shorter than I thought it would. With that being said I talked to my family and they support me 100 percent. Ill be reopening my recruitment”

Matthew Horton

Hortons 2018-2019 stats:

-10 games played

-4.2 minutes per game

-11 total points (3-3FG)

-42% from the FT line (5-12)

Horton is the first transfer of this off-season. Horton becomes the 11th Scholarship player to transfer out of WKU in the Rick Stansbury era.