USA Today ranks all 130 College football teams going into 2019

Image via WKU athletics

USA Today ranks all 130 college football teams each week throughout the year. In week 0 they have WKU at 114. That ranks 11th in Conference USA ahead of UTEP, Charlotte, and Rice. Taking a look at the WKU schedule here is where the teams that will line up against WKU ranks. Linked below is the full rankings 1-130.

Central Arkansas – NA

FIU – 62nd

Louisville 104

UAB – 51st

Old Dominion – 94th

Army – 18th

FAU – 58th

Marshall – 83rd

Charolette – 119th

Arkansas – 96th

Southern Miss 76th

Middle Tennessee – 92nd

ESPN’s FPI Prediction For WKU Football

Photo via @WKUFootball on twitter

 ESPN’s FPI (football power index) gives each game a percentage chance of both teams and who they believe will win from statistics. So I will go game by game and give what ESPN believes what WKU chances are to win.

  • Week 1 vs Central Arkansas 89.7%
  • Week 2 at FIU 27.9%
  • Week 3 vs Louisville 33.2%
  • Week 4 vs UAB 65.3%
  • Week 5 at ODU 79.2%
  • Week 6 vs Army 42.6%
  • Week 7 vs Charlotte 79.2%
  • Week 8 at Marshall 27.2%
  • Week 9 vs FAU 54.2%
  • Week 10 at Arkansas 22.4%
  • Week 11 Southern Mississippi 34.0%
  • Week 12 vs Middle Tennessee 63.4%

If the games went as the ESPN FPI says we would see a 6-6 record, with this record we would find the team in a bowl game. This would be a great advancement from where WKU Football was a season ago. These percentages change before each game and during each game to give a better idea of who sound win based on statistics.